Coffee shop outside seating

One this page we are going to look at how to plan and get approval for exterior seating outside your coffee shop or restaurant. In the UK this is normally achieved by applying to the council for a ‘Table and Chairs licence on the pavement.’ Rolls off the tongue doesn’t it! To make the case to the council you will need set out the following parameters:

  • How much space you are going to take up and how much will be left
  • Confirmation of your public liability insurance
  • What hours will you be trading the outside space

Our client’s normally handle the application process themselves. The Table and Chairs Licence is not a permanent permission. You will need re apply regularly. Most local authorities will require an annual application.

How can we help?

Depending on the requirements of the local authority you may need to provide them with a drawing. This is where we come in. We can provide a drawing that sets out the area of outside seating required and how it relates to the exterior of your building. You may also be required to supply the council with an OS map with the Table and Chairs area highlighted in with a red outline as well as the specification of the exterior furniture.

If you would like some help with making your tables and chairs licence application please feel free to contact us via our contact page.