Office interior designer

Recently we have been doing more office interior design projects. As companies are adapting to staff working from home for part of the week there has been a lot of change in how they use their office space. We have noticed a few trends that surround this subject that you might recognise.

Business owners are having to make their office environment more appealing.

One of the trends we have noticed is that companies are having to create environments that can compete with the home environment. It is not just a case of saying you must come into the office 5 days a week post covid. If they are determined to work from home staff will just work for someone that give them the most flexibility.

Rentable / co working desk spaces are on the rise

Co working spaces and small offices are also on the rise as due to the technological advances individuals and small groups of people can now run smaller businesses more easily. There is now less demand for larger office buildings where one company will occupy a site. The new model seems to be that companies will take up less space and need built in adaptability for when things change again (which is all the time). This is where we come in…

Adaptable office space

As an office interior designer adaptability is central to what we do at Engaging Interiors Ltd. Our approach to all of our interiors is that if you can design adaptation into what you build it will last longer. Our designs also have the benefit of being quicker to install as the bespoke elements are only fixed if absolutely necessary. This normally means they can be delivered shortly before hand over.

Case Study 01 – Co working space in Sussex

This project is nearing completion. It is in a listed building on a village high street. It will predominantly be used by freelancers and london commuters that don’t want to commute but can’t work from home. Finished photos will come soon…

Case Study 02 – Office space for Marketing Company in Sussex

The office interior designer brief for this space was quite different from the first. The project has only just come off the drawing board and will be implemented over the course of summer 2024. It is a more traditional office space in some ways with worker that use desks that all work for the same company. The company made some changes when they moved into the space. They now want to make more of a mark that is inline with their branding and improve the spaces for their staff.

We have enjoyed working with our clients to create spaces that will work now and into the future for their work spaces. If you would like to talk to us get in touch via our contact page.