Commercial Interior Designer

These are some of the commercial interior designer projects we’ve worked on. We set out as interior designers mostly for restaurants and bars. But over the years we’ve widened our client base across other sectors.

Finding the right venue for your enterprise is just the first step. Fitting out the space in a way that promotes your brand, satisfies your customers and functions smoothly is the next key stage. We know this can be a stressful time. Which is why we’ll take care of your design and give you as much support as you need.

Whatever your budget, as your commercial interior designer we can adapt our plan to suit it. If sustainability is a priority, we source eco-friendly products and materials. Are you taking over an existing space? We can transform it into the ideal home for your business. And if you’re starting from scratch we’ll get you off to a flying start.

Combining retail and dining

Our commercial interior designer projects include hotels, health spas and showrooms. These spaces have one thing in common. They all need places to sell and consume food and drink. We are experts at creating welcoming dining spaces that work alongside other functions. Do your your customers want a relaxing coffee while they browse? Or a refreshing post-workout juice? A good commercial interior designer can make it work.

Meeting the needs of your business

At Engaging Interiors we’re driven by your needs and vision. We listen to what you want, and advise you on how that might look. We bring over 15 years’ experience in commercial interior design to your project. Which ensures you get the optimal service and results. Our friendly, collaborative approach sets us apart.

We enjoy the variety of interior design projects that come our way. We would love to help your journey to opening or refurbishing your venue. If you need a commercial interior designer, please get in touch.