Boom Bap Burger – Leadenhall Market

Boom Bap Burger have opened a site in Leadenhall Market, London. visually the brief was to design a space that would fit in with the surrounding feel of Leadenhall Market. The operation is about providing Beers, Burgers and Cocktails for the local office workers and visiting tourists.

Leadenhall Market

Leadenhall Market dates back to the 14th Century and the current structure was constructed in 1881. Back in the day you could buy poultry, grain, eggs, butter, cheese, foodstuffs, wool, leather, and cutlery. Over the years the financial district took hold of the area the traditional food market element got nudged out. For more information about Leadenhall Market follow this link.

The Boom Bap Burger Design Objectives

Boom Bap Burger wanted to maximise the internal seating covers. This was acheived by minimising the bar size which only measures 1.8M from front to back. To do this you can only have glass / ambient bottle storage on the back wall. We designed the back bar so that it can be installed in sections and hung on the back wall. The front bar houses the drinks fridges, speed rails and others larger items.

Secondly Boom Bap Burger wanted to be able cook the serve burgers from the ground floor. A lot of the customers that visit from the surrounding offices have a short lunch break and having the burgers grilled on the ground floor helped turned orders around quickly as well as adding to the theatre of the space. When we ate there our food order was turned around in about 10 minutes.

The existing site was a great fit for the ground floor Burger Grille as the previous tenant had run a similar operation. This saved us time and money as the services and fire safety infrastructure was already in place.

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