Design LSM

I owe a lot of my Restaurant Interior Designer skills to a company called Design LSM. I worked for them as a placement student. Back then they were a lot smaller and I was given the responsibility of helping out Managing Director Steve La Bouchardiere. It was a baptism of fire! The first 3 months were a bit of a blur and I remember finding it quite hard going, but I stuck with it and Steve and myself become quite the team. I carried on working for Design LSM after graduating from my Interior Architecture and Design Course at Nottingham Trent for a couple of years and went back and was employed as a Team leader around 8 years ago. It’s great to see them go from strength to strength as Restaurant Designers and wish them all the best.

What has prompted this Ode to LSM is seeing an interview Steve La Bouchardiere and Clare Devlin did for The Restaurant and Bar Awards.


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