Designing a room around an object

Today I went to the countryside. It’s a well trodden journey for the car as I have been doing this particular journey for over 5 years. I have been working on a large house refurbishment and a lot of the trouble that the client has gone to was for one object, an Organ. The Organ was a couple of years in the making and it took a 40ft lorry container to transport it to Sussex from France.

It’s not uncommon to design a room around an object, I know people that have designed whole houses around one object, but as organs go this one is rather large. The door way to the left is around 2.8M high, the organ is 9.5M high and around 6M wide.

music room 02













This particular room will have around 60 upholstered seats in different red colours to pick out some of the detail in the organ, these will retract under a balcony and then be hidden by sliding panels that hang from a track. We have designed the floor match the colour of the organ as best we can so that it looks like it has grown out of the ground. There is Mica set into the walls that will sparkle when the stage lights hit it and a the wall behind will be awash with colour as and when required. We have used a reflective material above the organ to add to the drama when the organ is lit up and the roof light above give natural daylight to the space which is 4M below ground at its lowest point. It’s been a real pleasure to be involved in such an extraordinary project and I am looking forward to feeling some of the lower keys make my bones shake.

music room 01








Here is a photo the client took at the end of the week. The organ designer and maker Bernard is at the keys making final adjustments














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