Successful Interior Designs, Two Ways: An April update

It has been good to see some restaurants, shops and cafés opening back up after the latest lockdown restrictions were lifted. The streets in our hometown seem alive again, and the independent businesses have adapted brilliantly to the new safety requirements while still offering great service. At Engaging Interiors we’ve got some exciting projects that have just begun, and are also coming to the end of one very long-term residential interior design project. So it seems like a good time for an update, and also to use these projects to demonstrate the differences between residential and commercial interior design.

Completing an 11-year residential interior design project in Sussex

For the past 11 years we’ve been privileged to be working on a major residential interior design brief, overhauling a house and creating a bespoke, completely individual finish. On long term projects like this we work closely with the client and travel alongside them on a personal journey to realising their dream home. We get to really understand our client’s needs and what they want from their home.

On this project we created extremely detailed technical drawings for the extensive tailor-made joinery required for the build. We were able to design the space and fittings to exactly cater to our client’s needs and wishes, as well as collaborating with craftspeople and architects.

This was a bespoke project requiring a high level of joinery and automation, like the 10m high room and performance space housing an organ, as well as several display cabinets. And this is one of the joys of residential interior design – we can create spaces that represent our clients’ souls, that really speak of who they are and how they want to live.

Building work is continuing on another health spa interior

As this big residential project nears completion, building work on one of our commercial interior design jobs in Hove has been evolving and it will be open within a couple of months. The health spa (we’ve written about the first design for this brand here) is a different beast compared to a residential design. As interior designers for commercial premises our brief is to create a space that helps the clients get up and running as quickly as possible.

Commercial clients, like bars, restaurants and shops, have significant overheads and often need a quick turn-around so they can start trading and recouping their costs. It’s our job to create an agile design that’s quick to build and will allow the business to function optimally. The client’s vision needs to align with their business goals, rather than, as in a residential project, being the main focus. We consider the customers’ needs, how the space will draw people in from outside, and how it fits with the company’s branding and business goals.

Here are some photos of the health spa interior under construction to give you an idea of the scope and scale of the build.

Although there are significant differences between interior and commercial interior design, there are similarities:

  • Our clients’ needs and wishes are at the heart of every design
  • It’s always about making the best use of a space
  • Budget constraints vary across types of builds and are a constant factor in our planning
  • Creating the right design is always about listening and asking the right questions from the outset
  • We are equally committed to all forms of design, and bring our wealth of experience and expertise to every project

If you have a question about changing the interior of your home, or you want to expand or refit an existing commercial space, or you’re a start-up looking to create the perfect space to launch your business, get in touch to see how we can help.

To read more about some of our different projects go here for a coffee shop and cafe story, and here for interior design tips for a successful bar.


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