3 ingredients that make a good client / project…

We are very lucky, most of our clients that we design restaurants and shops for have 2 of the three ingredients we look for when embarking on a project. These ingredients are;


A client that knows their subject be it food, fashion or antiques and loves their subject is a joy to work with.

The ability to listen

We all need to listen! The best projects start with us listening to you when you talk us through your design brief. Then once we have produced a design the interior will have a purpose, it is important that the purpose of the interior stays intact. That is when the client needs to listen and stay courageous.

Are Realistic

Or should we say are able to be realistic, Interiors are very practical things. You need to be realistic about what you can achieve. If you have a good budget for what your trying to achieve you can normally get a larger team to do the work quickly. If you have a rather skeletal budget you may have to spend more of your time managing the budget and the end result will take longer to achieve. It’s very hard to cheat this system.

When we get clients that are Passionate, Good listeners and are realistic about budget and time constraints of a project, those clients are what I would call golden…

three ingredients that make a good client
three ingredients that make a great client
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