Starting a Restaurant or Retail venture?

I am sure most experienced interior designers will tell you they have been to see prospective clients before where the client hasn’t been 100% about what their Restaurant or shop should be. This type of project / client should be avoided as normally it leads to a lot of wasted time effort and money. I have not met anyone like this for a while now as since 2008 (the recession) this type of entrepreneur has been removed from the market by tougher bank loan criteria and people having more respect for their hard earned money. Looking back over the years my advice to anyone looking to start up a business and employ an Restaurant interior designer or Retail designer would be;

Know your business sector from front to back and inside out.
Know your interior designers limits, we can turn a good business plan / design brief into a thriving business but we can’t write your business plan or design brief…
If this is your first enterprise start small and scale it up as and when your ready.
If you get it right not only will the end result be a success, you will also enjoy the journey…

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