Can you build a Restaurant from scratch in 2 Months?

I was given the go ahead to design a restaurant / produce shop in Brighton at the start of June. That’s fine you might think, the catch was that the client wants to open the premises in late July. ‘Can you produce your interior designs in 3 weeks?’ He asked, ‘No!’ I said ‘But if all the planets align I may be able to do it 4 weeks.’ It took me 2 weeks to put the concept document together and another 2 weeks to finish the technical drawings. I did them and issued the main draft of the technical drawings on the 1st of July. We had worked out the plans prior to this and the builders were on site at the end of June.

So is this a good way to do a build? Not really, because all of the joinery workshops are busy locally the client, who is originally from Italy has had to get a lot of the carpentry made in a Factory out there and sent over. There will be all sorts of decisions being made about the construction and detailing of shoplifting items that will effect the final look of the interior and to tell you the truth I am a little anxious about how it will all look once it have been interpreted and made what might be a little more generic.

Items like furniture and lighting can also have long lead in times that mean you have to make compromises on what you can get hold of. During the site period there is little time to consider important aspects of the interior that might need a tweak. Once open it is very hard to shut down and rectify any of the mistakes made in haste and you and your customers will have to live with any compromises made during the rush to open.

So will they make it? Let’s see…

The company is called Edendum

The location will be 68 East Street, Brighton

Good Luck Diego!

edendum exterior

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