Celebrating the Power of Community With Interior Design

We all want the people who visit our restaurants, shops, bars or offices to feel welcome. We want to create a sense of community and shared experience, whether our space is specifically designed for a niche group of coffee-connoisseurs, or the fact that we are all eating in and enjoying the same place at the same moment.

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At Engaging Interiors we are fortunate to have an office situated above a bar. This venue is a traditional working men’s club but also hosts dance classes, comedy nights and bands. We went to see The Guana Batz there this weekend and were struck by the way music brought together so many like-minded people. In this case, psychobillies. Coming together like this, to sing, dance and feel part of a tribe, is an elemental part of human nature. We are simply better, happier creatures when we are part of a community.

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So, if the love-child of punk and rockabilly isn’t your thing, how do you create this sense of unity and harmony in your own interior space? It’s a question of knowing who you are, and then reaching out to customers who will find that USP or special part of your business identity appealing. Begin with your brand identity, whether you are a small coffee shop or a larger hotel. You need to be clear about who ‘you’ are, so that you can communicate this effectively to your potential customers.

Once you have a strong identity, fuse this into your website and communications (you can ask for help with branding if this feels daunting). When you’ve found the perfect space for your venture, engage an interior designer who can express this identity through your physical space and its fittings. Things like tables, wall finishes, external signage, lighting, floor materials and furniture placement are just as important as creating a shiny new logo or clever name. Your space is a massive asset and to create a welcoming venue that people will want to return to requires thought and expertise. Give your business the best possible chance of success by paying careful attention to the interior design.

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Like many groups, customer bases are continuously evolving. In times where the bigger chains are struggling there are great opportunities for independent restaurants and bars to create their own tribe. Be aware of your customers’ needs and wants. Provide them with a space that makes them feel comfortable, happy, satisfied and relaxed. Or with a mosh pit for pogo-ing psychobillies if that’s their thing. Keep your branding and identity at the heart of your interior design but allow things to change over time as new materials and trends emerge.

If you want some assistance with creating the ideal working space for your business, get in touch. We would love to help you find your tribe.

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