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We have been designing commercial interiors for years. Our experience covers a wide range of projects from Health Spas to office spaces. We enjoy each challenge and the learning process of how each client wants to operate their site.

Commercial interior designer Sussex

We have worked on various types of projects over the years. Below we have listed some of the types of commercial interior design we offer…

Restaurant interior designers

Before founding Engaging Interiors Limited I worked for a larger company that specialised in restaurant design. We have probably designed more restaurants and coffee shops than any other type of project

Retail interior designers

We have also designed a lot of retail projects. The variety within retail alone is massive, from Pie shops to Jewellery shops to zero waste shops. Retail interiors are fairly simple from a infrastructure point of view which means you normally see more of the money you spend.

Hotel interior designers

Hotels come in many forms. Some just comprise of Bedrooms and a simple dining space for guests whilst others have function rooms and other facilities like gyms and restaurants. We have designed a few Hotels over the years and enjoy the challenges they presented.

Health Spa interior designers

We have designed 2 Health Spas for the same client. They are our largest commercial projects we have taken on. Health Spas are also service heavy and require more power, drainage, water and ducting to keep everyone warm and the humidity at the right level.

Coffee Shop interior designers

We have also designed a lot of coffee shops over the years. These vary in size and operation with some only serving drinks and snacks with others offering a full brunch menu.

Office interior designers

We have worked on 2 office projects recently. A co working space and an office for a marketing company. We don’t have finished photos yet so we have attached some of the design boards.

Showroom interior designers

We have really enjoyed our showroom designs. Generally the product is larger and so the setting can be a very interesting creative process. The one that got away was a Jaguar E type showroom that we fully designed but never got to build…

As you can see we have extensive experience as commercial interior designers working with independent business owners. We have helped many of them over the years start and then expand their businesses. Can we help you? If you think we can contact us via our contact page.

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