Tabitha Bargh is off to Clerkenwell

It is now over 30 years since I first met Tabitha Bargh. We were on an Art Foundation course in Brighton together. She was local to Brighton where as I had to travel in from Heathfield (long story). Tabitha was one of the only girls to do 3D as her chosen media. We had a great time and have somehow always managed to bump into each other over the years. When I last saw Tabitha she told me she is off to exhibit at Clerkenwell Design Week. This is exciting news and we hope it works well for her and the new products she has developed.

Tabitha makes Cardboard lights

For some years tabitha has been making cardboard lights. These are formed from corrugated cardboard that is cut into rings and glued together. I have been using these lights on my projects here and there and they are always receive positive comments

Tabitha now makes poly lights

Tabitha’s latest invention involves used estate agent boards. They are constructed from correx which is a twin-wall fluted plastic. Tabitha has developed a way of reworking the old boards into beautiful and personable lighting.

Poly lights by tabitha bargh

I have used a couple of Tabitha’s lights in my own home and from my experience the cardboard lights are best over tables and have an atmospheric quality. The Poly lights spread more light around a room and will be useful for general lighting situations.

We love working with local creatives, especially ones that have considered the environment. We have found working with suppliers from our local area both robust from a practical point of view and enjoyable from a connection point of view. Our favourite products are sustainable, adaptable and cost effective.

We know that’s a lot to ask for, but we are aiming to steer our interiors and the manufacturers / creatives that supply them in a more environmentally friendly direction. Wish us luck…

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