I have recently turned 40. It does feel like a bit of a milestone, I have noticed that little things have changed. This is not because of the birthday, but because it was a point in time that I could compare with how I felt about the world when I was 30. The main theme I think would be acceptance, acceptance of where I am with the world and where my tiny cog of a business is placed in the machine that is Great Britain. I have also found acceptance of where and what I stand for as an Interior Designer. Interior design has given so much to me, from a way of living to a way of expressing myself. The least I can do is try and give something back.

To that end lets make the next 10 years stand for good design. What I have learnt over the years is that good design takes time, not masses of time but just a little more time to consider every angle and make that drawing just a little bit clearer.

So as my business moves forward I will be looking to spend just a little more time on my slightly fewer projects and making them just a little bit more special…


retail interior designer reaches 40

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