Hot Chocolate 01. Simon Coll

Any of my clients that use my interior design services will tell you I am a big fan of Hot Chocolate! Well in the name of exploration I thought I would start to try out and review new types of hot chocolate. This will not be the most sophisticated review, but will be a good excuse for widening my knowledge of one of my favourite drinks.

The first Hot Chocolate was brought from ‘The Lewes Chocolate Shop’ and made by a company called ‘Simon Coll’. It comes in the shape of a chocolate bar and your supposed to use 3 cubes per mug. The bar has 12 cubes in all making 4 mugs per bar. The hot chocolate was super thick with a hint of cinnamon. I would of like a little more of a cocoa hit but what it lacked in punch it made up for with smoothness. I enjoyed melting down the cubes and the packaging has a nice quality to it..

Just tried it again with a smaller amount of milk and it is as thick as the stuff you get on The Alps in the small mugs called “Choc”. Really coats the innards.

making hot chocolate

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