Is coffee the new beer?

In recent times whenever I have designed a drinking establishment I have been asked to allow for a proper coffee machine. This is all part of a movement that is about drinking better quality coffee, more often. This ties in with a shift from the more formal style of restaurant dining experience to a more casual but frequent one, be it a local pub or coffee shop.

I had lunch with a client in Winchester the other day and we went for brunch at a place called The Corner House. It was hard to tell if the venue was a pub or coffee shop as it had elements of both along with a simple yet yummy menu. It was nestled in a residential area 200 yards away from one of the high streets and apparently well serviced by the locals through out the day. I believe this type of venue is the way forward for the local, it’s socially acceptable to have a glass of wine with your lunch and also visit for a coffee in the evening. The Corner House was is also a great example of a venue tat brings a community together.

Long may it live…

the corner house

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