Interior Designers Diary – January

Well that’s January done! As usual all of the work I had lined up to start on after the Christmas break disappeared as clients pondered and thought about what they really want out of life. You would think this the perfect time to start to think about a new direction in life and to maybe speak to an Interior Designer about how this new Shop or Restaurant could become a reality, which does happen to a certain extent. What normally actually happens is that anyone that is refurbishing their interior be it an estate agents or a Restaurant suddenly goes quiet after Christmas and doesn’t have the confidence to proceed with the designs until they are busy once more.

This meant that the first half of January was quieter than usual, this worked out quite well because we had a new building company make a start on our rear extension.

House News 

There were a lot of things to discuss with our new builder  because of the retaining wall element. We had 22 different details showing how each element of the extension would go together, but despite this there does still seem to be a lot of scratching of heads going on…If anyone is considering building a retaining wall that adjoins their house I would recommend allowing for a gap between the house and the higher section of land as we have had to go to considerable trouble and cost to make our back wall water proof.

Restaurant Interior Designer News 

I currently have a couple of ongoing Restaurants that are being built at the moment. I was hired as the Restaurant designer on a project in Streatham last summer called Hood which should open later in February. The Concept by brother and sister team Robin and Melanie Frean is to bring the lovely food of Sussex to South East London. The other concept engaging interiors helped with was in Brighton, a bistro called The Smokin Seagull. This will specialise in smoke food (hopefully not seagulls).

Retail Interior Designer News 

I am working on a new Retail interior design concept for a Sussex based retailer. This is a bit more on the QT at this stage but having sent out the concept document this morning I am quite excited about the possibilities of what we can do with the space…

What’s great about this time of year is looking forward to spring as the days get longer, it is also a great time of year to drink hot chocolate. I love hot chocolate.



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