June Update

Here is an update of what is going on at Engaging Interiors the June…

Possible Projects

There has been a lot of quoting going on over the last month but I can’t help feeling that everyone is waiting to see what happens on the 23rd before they push the button. I am an innie but do understand some of the arguments for the outies. Quotes have gone out for a BBQ concept in Surrey and a small department store in Sussex. All very varied which we like…

Interiors on the books

We have a couple of projects on the books at the moment. We have started doing a Cafe area for a small chain of department stores based in the south east and will present the drawings later this week. We are also working on a new store for another small chain of shops called Chozen Noodle. We have a possible project in Notting Hill Gate for an existing client which will need a quick feasibility plan turned around and tomorrow I am visiting a big country house to see the client that I have been working with for 6 years.

Interiors on Site

The Restaurant in Cambridge has now opened and is called Varsity. It is probably the oldest living Restaurant in Cambridge and we are very proud to have been a part of it’s revival from what was a very damaging fire. I went to the opening and had a lovely meal with some of the local nobility and then spent the night in Hotel Du Vin which was jolly nice. Propper photos to follow soon….

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Turners Pies are opening a shop in Chichester and they are about half way through their build. Some would say how can you make a living out of just selling pies these days? Well as soon as you know they are the British Pie Award Champions 2016 and supply Harrods it all starts to make sense. It has been great working with Phil Turner on what is their 3rd Shop as he really gets the design process and we have built up a good mutual trust and respect making each shop that little bit better than the last. 

General news

There has not been a lot going on in the office. We had a nice week off in Cornwall at half term and I got together with an Interior Designer from London I know called Lloyd and cycled 62 miles around Sussex. This was swiftly followed by a sleepy afternoon in an armchair.  Dinky the dog was in a good mood today and we played a good game of tug of war with sock thing. I had a meeting with some old Friends from my hometown of Crowborough and we talked signage. Brett and Craig run Mood Signs and helped us with the Varsity Project…

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