July Update

Here is an update of what has been happening in July

Possible Projects

It has been an interesting month, although none of the projects that we quoted for Pre Brexit have come through yet, there has been some late arrivals that we are now progressing with. There is a nutritional Cafe in Hove that we are half way through designing and one of our regular clients Chozen Noodle are busy expanding their portfolio of sites. There will also be a local shop to Lewes on the books soon but I am going to keep that under wraps that for a little while.

Interiors on the books

We are currently designing the interiors of a couple of units within the Excel Centre and these will go on site in a month or so. The Nutritional Cafe in Hove has come onto our books at break neck speed. We quoted on the Wednesday and were working on it by the Friday, We got the concept completed in a couple of weeks and this week started on the Technical drawing package. The set up for this project is similar to another project we worked on recently where there has been a partnership between two parties from different backgrounds. The funding ratio can differ, but the idea that two people with different skill sets can join forces and start a successful business is a good one. This project came about in such a rush because the clients had tried to work with a designer that didn’t have a lot of experience with designing Cafes or Restaurants. This wasted 2 months of their time and has cost them an extra 2 months rent.

Interiors on Site

There are not a lot of projects on site at the moment. The current phase of the big house we are interior designing is drawing to a close whilst we cost and plan the next phase. Chozen Oxford will start on site in August, as will The Nutritional bar in Hove.

General news

I am glad to report that post referendum we are still very busy and booked up for most of August by the looks of things. I have managed to get hold of the photos for Varsity in Cambridge and have put them onto the website and also attached them below. I must give a shout out to Mood Signs from my hometown of Crowborough who did a great last minute job on the signage.

Myself and Karin (the other design half of Engaging Interiors) will be away for the first week of August but I will be contactable via all of the usual channels if necessary. If I can get up early enough I will try and get some photos of Turners Pies Chichester for the next update.

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