Interior Design and Working Out: a Natural Fit

In our last post we described the interior design process for a recent project, Natural Fit, a health spa and fitness club in Tunbridge Wells with another venue planned in Hove, East Sussex. We thought it would be interesting to look in more detail at this venture and to explore how interior design can support businesses to grow and succeed. It turns out that interior design and working out are a natural fit.

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Natural Fit have a different approach to fitness and exercise. They believe in working with the body to harness its natural strength and agility, rather than imposing punitive regimes or unrealistic body image ideals. By relearning how to use our core strength, the trainers at Natural Fit believe we can reprogramme negative habits and move better in all areas of our daily life, not just while at the gym.

This holistic approach is similar to the way we at Engaging Interiors go about designing an interior – whether that’s a restaurant, coffee shop or spa. We look at movement around a space in the same way Natural Fit work with natural body movement, trying to create a free, organic flow. We consider different ways to enhance the existing features of a venue, working with what we’ve got and making it function better and more efficiently. We spend time thinking about how a space can meet the needs of customers, just like a Natural Fit fitness coach will show you how to train your body using functional movement to support you as you go about your day. We examine new technology and design innovations that can give peak performance, just as an athlete might use cutting edge training equipment or techniques.

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Of course, just as bodies get injured so we also face hitches or problems in the course of a build, but we draw on our expertise and understanding, and work alongside others to solve these issues. Sometimes this might mean re-thinking a particular aspect of a design or adjusting the fittings. There’s a parallel here with learning to listen to your muscles and bones, working with specific niggles or weaknesses and supporting your body to function as best it can.

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And because we know that life is about more than just work, we take just as much care in designing spaces to relax and unwind. At Natural Fit we created an inviting lounge area where customers could have coffee after a class, check emails or have a meal with friends in the cafe. As a members-only club Natural Fit can look after each individual and our design reflects their belief in nurturing the whole mind/body union. We can’t wait to see the finished venue in Hove, housed in an old church and complete with Natural Fit equipment, pool and healthy cafe. Stay tuned for a big reveal when the space is finished!

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