What do you stand for?

What do you stand for is a simple question. The answer will make a big difference to how your create and run your business. Some of the more obvious topics for this question are listed below:

  • Why you created your business
  • The type of customer or community you looking to serve and connect with
  • Your approach to environmental sustainability
  • How your source your products
  • How you treat your staff

The above topics should feel simple to answer. Hopefully they will work together to make a profitable and sustainable enterprise. Your business should also be enjoyable to run and serve your community in a positive way. Over the years we have found the most successful businesses we have helped are the ones with a clear goal:

  • You might just look around you at what is on offer and think you can do better.
  • Other clients feel they want to share their passion for food or coffee with others.
  • It might be that you have an existing business and know how it can be improved / developed

Well the good news is that we are here to help. In the name of leading by example here are our own goals set out to give you an idea of what is important to us.

Why did we create Engaging Interiors Limited?

When we say ‘we’ most of the time it is ‘I’. I am Crispin and I created the company because I wanted to work with independents, I felt it would be a more personal journey with individuals than with the larger companies and their many forms of directors etc…

This has truly been the case and I now find that I am working with mostly independent business owners and some smaller chains. The journey has been a good one and along the way I have got to meet and connect with local individuals that help me build elements of the interiors I design. These range from upholsterers to carpenters.

The type of customer and community we are looking to work with

The independent businesses we work with are diverse and also very individual. We have designed a record shop, a couple of Health Spas and a Zero Waste Shop just to name a few. This works for both us and our clients. We are a smaller company that can only handle a certain scale of project and our clients get to deal with one interior designer rather than several team members. Although we are small we have handled projects with fit out budgets of several million. We generally like to work on projects in the south east of the England, which saves on the travel. Below is a photograph of the owners of Capsule Records in Hove.

capsule records hove

Our approach to sustainability

We approach sustainability by applying our own version of the circular economy. You can read more about it here but the positives about our interiors are that they use less materials, are quicker to build and are more adaptable.

How do we source our products?

In line with our circular approach to interior design we try and specify materials that have a lower impact on the environment. The most important thing is that they are fit for the job, and we do our best to marry up our clients needs with the needs of the planet. Below are some cardboard lights by lighting designer and manufacturer Tabitha Bargh.

cardboard lighting by Tabitha Bargh

How do we treat our staff?

We have a modern and flexible way of working with our staff. We don’t need a lot of people to complete our work load, but they are all close friends that have been senior designers for years. When times are quieter they work for other local designers and architects. It is an eco system that seems to work out rather well.

If you think our values align with yours and you would like some help with your project, please feel free to get in touch…

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