What Influences an Interior Design Brief?

Every building has a story. From the sourcing of the bricks or stone to the people who have lived and worked within its walls, each place tells its own story in its own way. When you are looking for a space for your restaurant, retail business or bar you are becoming part of that history, and creating a new chapter in the life of the building. So how do you begin the next stage of a building’s evolution?¬†How will you change that space, and how will it change you? How does the position and local environment affect the story?

These are the big questions that we as interior designers face every day. It’s our job, and our privilege, to consider various different factors that will influence an interior design brief. We’ve distilled our years of training and experience into a handy infographic to show you just what goes into an interior designer’s thought process at the start of a project. It also shows how these different elements intersect and impact each other. We create a design that considers all these aspects of a building’s life and use, and gives your business the best chance of thriving within that space.

So, here’s what we are considering, researching, testing, observing, planning, transcribing and amalgamating when we create an interior design.





interior design brief

Feeding directly into our inspiration for an interior design is the idea that there are three groups of designs: Interventions, Insertions and Installations. It’s our job to find which one is the most appropriate approach for your particular space, and business, but we thought you might like to see what each of these involves. The majority of our projects are Interventions, but it’s worth bearing the other two in mind as you develop your own plans, and in discussions with your interior designer.

intervention interior design

insertion interior design

intervention interior design

The beauty of interior design – of any kind of design, really – is that each project is unique. Whilst these design frameworks give us a vital starting point, the finished design will always be the result not just of these factors, but of a magical kind of alchemy where your dreams are manifested into a physical space. If you want to know more about how we do this, with pencils and brainpower rather than wands, go here.

Or contact us to discuss how we can turn all the disparate elements of a building’s story into a new chapter, written by you.

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