KOMO – Guildford

Our clients for this cocktail bar interior design project were a group of friends with corporate or high-powered jobs who wanted a new challenge. They wanted to create a new local cocktail bar in their hometown of Guildford, somewhere they could take clients and enjoy going to as well as running. Their aesthetic was industrial and they wanted a live stage that would be viewable from all areas of the main bar space.


The Komo – Guildford site was an existing cocktail bar, so the main structural bones were already in place. Our job was to create an interior design for the refurbishment, adapting the existing simple layout to create something far more exciting and inviting.

Bar Interior Design

We created an atmospheric, cool and functional space by incorporatingĀ folding forms throughout the design, and by adding pops of neon lighting to accentuate the warm but muted industrial palette . The backsprayed glass created a glow behind the bar, and whilst we kept the general lighting low and moody, we punched lights into the bar and signage to give different focal points. We installed raised fixed seating to ensure that customers could see the stage from wherever they are in the bar.