Harris and Hoole is 49% Tesco


I used to shop at Tesco. Then one holiday I went to Cornwall where my parents are from and whilst there I visited Redruth. I was amazed at how many shops had shut down on the high street. This wasn’t 2010 this was 2004 and just outside of Redruth was a massive Tesco Super market. The link was clear to me and I have avoided shopping in a Tesco ever since.

As an interior designer I have worked with a few independent coffee shops so imagine my surprise and disgust when I found out that Tesco have now launched it’s own Artisan Coffee Shop chain called Harris and Hoole. Tesco own a 49% share in the company and will be promoting it as a family run venture. I have not been to any of their coffee shops and can’t comment on the experience. For more info please follow this link.


To visit harris and Hooles website and make up your own mind visit them here


When I looked at their site it didn’t say much about Tesco


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