Design Services

Design Services

We offer a comprehensive interior design service and have extensive experience in restaurant, retail and residential interiors. Our approach to each type of interior is set out in the design stages section of the website.

Restaurant Interior Designer

When it comes to restaurant design appearance is key. Customers will make a judgement about your venue as they walk or drive past, so it is essential to create a strong, clear image and brand. We work with a lot of independent restaurant owners, which enables us to be very flexible in our approach. As a small company we can tailor our design services to make sure they meet your needs.

Retail Interior Designer

For us, retail interior design is all about composition and balance. A shop interior must be designed in a way that gives the eyes a chance to rest and focus on particular items. If you try to stock your products too densely it becomes hard to see them separately.

Designing shop exteriors is just as important. Customers want to make an educated decision about whether to have a look inside or not. Composition and lighting are key for any part of the shop interior that can be seen from outside. To see how we approach the design process, look at our design stages page. To see some of our retail interiors, follow this link.

Residential Interior Designer

Our residential interiors can be quite architectural in design. We generally work on projects very local to Lewes and East Sussex, and have designed a wide range of interiors, from kitchen rethinks to the complete gutting and rebuilding of a large country house. Our approach is always the same: start with how you want to use the space and identify what is most important to you.

Clients bring their own ideas and vision to this process. Sometimes the most important thing to a client is an object, which then becomes central to our design. Some clients want the design to develop from an architectural feature of the building, or the view. We can handle the planning application side of the works, and will work alongside an architect or structural engineer for the detailing.